With Ukraine at heart


With Ukraine at heart

Cooperation of territorial communities

Who is it for?

The Law of Ukraine on Cooperation of Territorial Communities allows regulating relations between two or more territorial communities, which are carried out on a contractual basis.

What will the community get?

The official register of agreements on cooperation of territorial communities is a vivid example of the practicality of contractual relations between communities. This method improves the economic condition of communities and enables the efficient use of available resources.

What are the forms of cooperation between communities

According to the Law of Ukraine on Cooperation of Territorial Communities


Delegation of individual tasks;


Realization of joint projects;


Joint financing (maintenance) of enterprises, institutions and organizations of communal ownership;


Establishment of joint utility companies, institutions and organizations;


Creating joint management.

It is important to know

Cooperation of territorial communities is a fairly new and progressive method of improving the efficiency of territories. For the active development of the territorial community it is necessary to attract all available resources. Another important factor is participation in grant programs for the implementation of projects within the framework of cooperation.