With Ukraine at heart


With Ukraine at heart

Protection of cultural heritage and tourism

Every community has a cultural heritage site that is unique to your region that you are proud of and would like to share with others. It can be a historic building, a tradition or even a unique tourist attraction or a picturesque landscape.
Proper coverage in the media and Internet resources to use the tourist potential, which is an important factor in promoting your region.

The mechanism of identification of the monument



It is necessary to make sure that your settlement falls under the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers № 878 of July 26, 2001 On approval of the List of historical settlements of Ukraine.


Historical area

If your locality is on the list of the Resolution
№ 878, it is necessary to check the information on the approval of the boundaries and modes of use of historical areas.


Zones and modes

In order to protect the traditional nature of the environment of individual monuments, their complexes (ensembles), historical and cultural reserves, historical and cultural protected areas around them should be established protection zones: protection zones, building regulation zones, protected landscape zones, protection zones archaeological cultural layer.


Recognition of the monument

Prior to resolving the issue of its registration as a monument, a cultural heritage site shall be included in the List of Cultural Heritage Objects and shall acquire the legal status of a newly discovered cultural heritage site.


Passport of the monument

After recognizing the building (buildings) as a monument, it is necessary to make a passport of the monument.



After completion of the procedure it is necessary to carry out the restoration project of the monument and start its implementation.

Історичний ареал

According to detailed information

Production of Historical and architectural support plan, certification of cultural heritage sites,restoration projects


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