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With Ukraine at heart

Comprehensive plan of spatial development of the territorial community

Comprehensive plan of spatial development of the territorial community - both urban planning documentation at the local level and land management documentation, which determines the planning organization, functional purpose of the territory, basic principles and directions of forming a unified public service system, road network, engineering and transport infrastructure, engineering training and landscaping, civil protection of the territory and population from dangerous natural and man-made processes, protection of land and other components of the environment, formation of ecological network, protection and preservation of cultural heritage and traditional environment of settlements, as well as the sequence of decisions, including phased development . (Law № 711-IX of June 17, 2020)
The comprehensive plan provides for coordinated decision-making on the integrated spatial development of settlements as a single settlement system and the territory outside them. (Law № 711-IX of June 17, 2020)

What does it include?

комплексний план території територіальної громади

What tasks does a comprehensive plan of the territorial community solve?


● Employment monitoring.● Attracting investments and financial resources necessary for the development, maintenance and operation of drinking water supply and sewerage systems.● Arrangement of trade places and placement of trade objects in the context of settlements.● Attracting internal investment resources of enterprises to modernize production.● Opportunity to create new jobs, diversify the community economy.● Monitoring of investment-attractive areas.● Efficient use of subsoil.

Administration and law

● Violation of the requirements of land, urban planning legislation, long-term construction and illegal construction and land allotment.● Low awareness and communication of the population.● Regulation of rural (green) tourism.● Ensuring the safety of citizens, crime problems, fire safety.● Access to admin. services and public information.● Rational use of land resources.


● Improving the environmental situation and reducing the negative impact on the environment of industrial and municipal enterprises through the generation of solid waste.● Monitoring the ecological condition of certain underground sources of drinking water supply.● Reduction of the load on water bodies due to the discharge of untreated and insufficiently treated wastewater, which leads to a crisis reduction of their self-reproducing capabilities.● Solving the problem of waste management.● Preservation of nature reserves and the Emerald Network.


● Introduction of energy-saving and energy-efficient technologies at social and housing and communal infrastructure facilities, replacement of natural gas with alternative renewable fuels.● Improving the quality of housing and communal services.● Provision of motor transport services to settlements and compliance with road safety requirements.● Timely repair of public roads of state and local importance, as well as municipal roads.● Implementation of centralized water supply and sewerage systems in settlements.● Monitoring the condition of housing and communal services.


● Ensuring the availability of quality medical, educational and socio-cultural services.● Providing children with places in preschool institutions in the conditions of decentralization, unloading of age groups in accordance with the normative number.● Addressing the functioning of clubs and libraries, art schools.● Access to reliable information about community resources.● Legality and legitimacy of obtaining administrative permits.● Ability to evaluate resources and make investments.

Urban planning

● Arrangement of buildings.● Reservation of investment-attractive plots and plots for social needs.● Creation of a rational territorial organization of land use.● Protection of cultural heritage.● Construction of strategic community facilities.● Reclamation of damaged lands.● Preservation of the traditional nature of the environment.● Creating a system of civil protection of the territory and population from dangerous natural and man-made processes.● Simplification of the permitting system.● Ability to estimate the value of real estate.

Development of a comprehensive plan of the territory

Our team consists of experienced professionals in various fields. Working in the format of a partner consortium, our experts conduct comprehensive research in the early stages of design and seek opportunities for efficient and cost-effective processing of facilities and thus reduce the cost of its implementation and speed up implementation time.  


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